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The Cumberbatch surname study

The Guild of One-Name Studies
The Cumberbatch study has been registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies: Membership Number: 4039.

A one-name study, or surname study, aims to research every recorded occurrence of the surname Cumberbatch and its many variant spellings. This is rather than researching information related to only one family's ancestors or the descendants from one individual or family.

The process entails the systematic collection of the worldwide occurrences of the surname, and its variant spellings, in readily available records such as:

  • Birth and baptism records
  • Marriage records
  • Death and burial records
  • Wills and administration records
  • Census records
  • Other records of relevance such as county histories, burgess records, book, occupational sources, biographies, newspapers and journal articles.

Once collected, I aim to compile connected family trees. However, as Marshall stated:

The obscurity however of their [the Congleton and Nantwich Comberbach's] position in social life renders it difficult, if not impossible, to form a connected pedigree...

But as in the true spirit of the Cumberbatch's of Barbados motto: 'Ne Tentes Aut Perfice' or 'Succeed, or do not try!' So it will be...

In 1866, and at the age of 27, George William Marshall published "Collections for a Genealogical Account of the Family of Comberbach". This was the first study performed on this surname. As far as I can ascertain there has not been another systematic one-name study since. This book is of immense help in identifying the early context and occurences of the surname and its origins. Marshall's mother had the maiden name Comberbach.

Rather than merely updating Marshall's original work by adding descendants to his pedigrees, I have uncovered a substantial amount of information regarding the Cumberbatchs of Barbados and their connection to Bristol, England. There is very little information in this original work regarding the Barbados Cumberbatchs. I am in the process of transcribing and databasing this information for ease of searching and analysis. In due course this site will be revised to include some of this information.

However, I am yet to make any connection between Bristol, Gloucestershire and Cheshire or its surrounding counties of Lancashire, Staffordshire and Flintshire where there are numerous families in the 16th century.

Please drop me an email with your details and I'll add you to the list.

Cumberbatchs from around the world

  • Hallie Chase née Cumberbatch of NYC, USA
  • Colyn née Cumberbatch of NYC, USA
  • Jorge Cumberbatch Miguen of Cuba
  • Cory Cumberbatch US Navy
  • Baseemah M. Cumberbatch-Smith née Cumberbatch of Virginia, USA
  • Greg Cumberbatch of Aston, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Yvette Stacey Cumberbatch of Brooklyn, NYC, USA
  • Linda Macaluso née Cumberbatch of Langhorne Pennsylvania, USA
  • Ramon Cumberbatch of Suriname
  • Phillip Cumberbatch of Victoria Australia but originally of Cheshire - the genuine article!
  • Eugene K. Cumberbatch of Wales
  • Samantha Cumberpatch of UK
  • Anita Cumberbatch of The Republic of Panama
  • Guy Lawrence Cumberbatch of Chicago, USA
  • Michele Nash née Cumberbatch of USA.
  • Stuart Harold Comberbach of Tokyo, Japan with family originally from South Africa and back to the Comberbachs of Haughton, Cheshire - another genuine article!
  • Stephen Cumberbatch of Newcastle-under-Lyme - another genuine article!
  • Enid Cumberlidge of Merseyside, UK
  • Mystral "Misty" Cumberlege of California, USA
  • Carlton Cumberbatch, UK
  • Brian Cumberbatch, UK whose mother Nellie Cumberbatch Justice-of-the-Peace BEM (Britsh Empire Medal) had a street named after her: Cumberbatch Place, Spring View, Wigan, UK
  • Colin Cumberbatch of St. Vincent
  • Nelson Cumberbatch of Madrid but born in Cuba
  • Anthony Joseph Cumberbirch
  • Jacqueline Cumberbatch of Barbados
  • Sherrylyn Bastian née Cumberbatch of Bahamas
  • Steven Comberbach of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
  • Jamie Cumberbatch
  • Brad Ryan Cumberbatch of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Gary Cumberbatch of Hobart, Tasmania who travelled there via Trinidad and Australia but who was born in London
  • Robert Cumberbirch
  • Wayne Cumberbatch of London, England with St. Lucian ancestry
  • Donna Deborah Edwin née Cumberbatch of London, UK fondly remembers her grandparents Charles and Elizabeth Edna Cumberbatch both of St. Lucia. However, Charles' ancestors were from Barbados
  • Lee Cumberbatch of Barrow in Furness, UK and a descendant of Val and Jimmy Cumberbatch the rugby league players
  • Chike Cumberbatch of Barbados
  • John Cumberbatch of Sweden but born in Stoke-On-Trent
  • Lafleur Cumberbatch of NYC but born in St Vincent and The Grenadines
  • Nigel Cumberbatch of NJ, USA but born Trinidad and Tobago
  • Steven Cumberbatch of Brooklyn, NY, USA and now of Maryland
  • Paul Cumberbatch of Wigan, UK, who has a twin sister
  • David Cumberbatch of Massachusetts USA
  • Atiba Joseph-Cumberbatch of New York, USA but descended from Cumberbatchs of Panama
  • Leanne Cumberbatch sister of Sherri, of Barbados but studying in Manchester, UK
  • Jonathan Cumberbatch of Staffordshire, UK
  • Sherri Cumberbatch sister of Leanne, of Barbados and studying in the USA
  • Stephanie Cumberbatch of Elmont, New York, USA
  • Amanda Lea Cumberbatch, Middletown, Delaware, USA
  • Natasha Cumberbatch, of the UK
  • Denise Rampersad nee Cumberbatch originally from Trinidad and Tobago
  • Mary Howell (aka Rosamund Mary nee Comberbach) and her sister Madeleine Jane Comberbach) both of the UK
  • Yovanska Cumberbatch of Panama, but descended from Trinidadian Cumberbatchs
  • Nicole T L Cumberbatch born in Trinidad in 1969
  • Anita Cumberbatch
  • Shawn Alicia Cumberbatch Beverly
  • Rene Cumberbatch
  • Sheriena Cumberbatch of London and with family in Guyana
  • Lee Cumberbatch of Ashford, Kent, UK but originally from Stoke on Trent
  • Cavour Cumberbatch of Boston, MA
  • David Cumberbatch of the UK
  • Leah Cumberbatch of Texas with connections in Trinidad and Tobabo (TnT)
  • George Merton Cumberbatch, originally from Barbados (Christ Church)...now living in Florida
  • Martin Lloyd Cumberbatch whose father is from Trinidad and grandfather from Barbados
  • Harrington Cumberbatch M.B.E no less! [Abbreviation for Member (of the Order) of the British Empire, an honour first awarded in 1917]
  • Maria Cottrell nee Cumberbatch born in Guyana now in NJ
  • Monique Stewart nee Coumarbatch from the U.S. Virgin Islands but whose great grandfather was from Barbados
  • Ivan Coumarbatch, whose grandfather moved from Bush Hall, in St. Michael Barbados to the U.S Virgin Islands around 1915-1916 and whose dad was born in St Croix in October 1917
  • Marva J and Marcia E the Cumberbatch twins, now both married but never far apart
  • Tareena Cumberbatch from Venezuela, daughter of Nigel Cumberbatch born Trinidad and Tobago and granddaughter of Rodolph Cumberbatch of Texas. Cousin of Leah above. Saludos!
  • Maxine Cumberbatch originally from Hillaby St Andrew, Barbados. No living in Reading, UK
  • Daniel Cumberbatch aged 11 from Suriname
  • Paul Cumberbatch of Worksop, Notts, UK. G-Grandson of William Cumberbatch who died of wounds in WWI
  • Billy Dee Cumberbatch of Montreal Canada; suggests a Cumberbatch Reunion for us all to get together. St Nicholas Abbey would be a great venue, but there could be a lot of people...
  • Shonell Cumberbatch from California
  • Carla Cumberbatch daughter of Carl Randolph Cumberbatch
  • Rudolph St Clair Cumberbatch of Murfressboro TN G-Grandson of Hananel Cumberbatch of The Acre St Lucy
  • Christina Miriam Cheryl Cumberbatch, Teaneck, NJ, USA
  • Tarika Cumberlege Brink of California grandaughter of Rear-Admiral Claude Lionel Cumberlege
  • Denise Coumarbatch from the Virgin Islands, whose grandparent parents were from Barbados
  • Basil Cumberbatch wondering about DNA connections
  • Geisha Ruth Cumberbatch in Caracas, Venezuela, daughter of Rudolph Cumberbatch, sister of Nigel, Raphael (Herbert), Allan, Dennis and Bill Cumberbatch and presently residing in Manassas, VA
  • Nigel Michael Cumberbatch born in Trinidad and Tobago son of Michael Cumberbatch from Barbados died, and grandson of Colvin Cumberbatch
  • Dorann Simons née Cumberbatch says: "I am a Cumberbatch who lives in Bermuda. I found your website and was quite happy to see the extensiveness of the family name as well as it's people. My grandfather came to Bermuda in the 1800's, lived to be 104, from Barbados. He met and married my grandmother here and had 5 children: Clement, Rita, John, Kenneth and Cecille. I am John's daughter. If you want to hear more about the Bermuda clan of Cumberbatchs, email me back. I look forward to adding us to your tree and family history. Thank you. Dorann" Oh yes please Dorann!
  • Michael Cumberbatch whose father was born in Barbados, in St Michael, nr Rockley Beach. His father was born in St Peter at the turn of the century, he went onto have 7 children, including Michael's father Chester Mc Donald Cumberbatch, born 22/12/1930.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch from Trinidad and whose father, and many family members, are from Barbados.
  • Jane Cumberbatch from London. Author of the "Pure Style" books. Tracing her Bajan ancestors.
  • Nicholas Cumberbatch from Trinidad. Tracing his Cumberbatch family originally from Barbados for his daughter.
  • Lee Cumberbatch originally from Staffordshire, whose ancestors lived in Butt Lane, Talke, Staffordshire, England.
  • Ingrid Cumberbatch now of Canada but born in Meriden, Warwickshire in the East Midlands of England whose parents Roy Frederick Cumberbatch, originally of St Andrew Barbados, and Winifred Cornelia Miller who met and married in England and who decided to emigrate to Canada
  • Adele Parker whose great grandmother was Jane Cumberbatch of Barbados, born 1834, and her father was Francis Cumberbatch. I've been told that one of Jane's parents, maybe her mother, was white, and the other was perhaps colored, and never a slave. She was also looking for a Cumberbatch who was headmaster at St Peters Parish school in the 1860s/70s. I'm not sure if he is a relation, but one of his pupils later married one of Jane's daughters
  • Natasha Cumberbatch
  • Maxine Cumberbatch
  • Devinn Cumberbatch
  • Vincent Nigel Cumberbatch looking for his grandfather Ruben Chestfield Cumberbatch
  • Donna J born in Barbados. Moved to NJ in 1988 but currently living in Florida. Her maternal grandmother was Elaine Griffith (nee Cumberbatch). Her parents were Samuel Francis Cumberbatch & Dorothy Ann Cumberbatch (nee Lorde). Samuel & Dorothy were from Panama I believe. That is pretty much all the info I have and I would like to have more info on my heritage please. Thank you! Elaine found as Elmin Verona CUMBERBATCH born 20 December 1913 and baptised 07 February 1914 in St. Alban's Chapel, St James, Barbados. They were living in Carlton, St James and Samuel Francis Cumberbatch was a fisherman.
  • Connie Goodman looking for her great grand mother Sarah Cumberbatch who gave birth to Connie's granddad James Benjamin Nathaniel on 7 Sept 1900. Looking for any info on either of them. Did Sarah have more kids ? [Yes, she did] My grand dad was baptized at All Saints St Peter. [Yes, he was] On the other side of my family Elain Cumberbatch of St James was my grandmother she was born to Samuel Francis Cumberbatch in 1913. Do you know if Samuel had any more children ? [Yes, he did] His wife was Dorothy Lord [yes, she was]. Connie has Cumberbatchs on both her father's and mother's side. Excellent!
  • Loretta Henry looking for information on her grandfather Allen Clifton Cumberbatch son of Charles Benjamin Cumberbatch and Alethea Cumberbatch (nee King) St. Peter-St. Andrew, who arrived by boat in NY in 1916
  • Debbie Farrar and Lorraine Hope in search of their Cumberpatch ancestors in Northampton and in New Zealand.

With Cumberbatch connections from around the world

  • Mike Lowe of NYC, USA
  • Ernest Wiltshire, Canada - who got me started and provided me with so much information
  • L. Laurence Boyle of Kent, UK
  • Chris Seaton of Southsea, UK
  • Nigel Johns, UK
  • Sam Block of UK
  • Paul Leyland of UK - researching the early Comberbachs from whom he is descended
  • Olin and Jean Coleman of North Carolina, USA
  • Dr. Belinda McKay of Queensland, Australia
  • Linda Kear of Bristol, UK
  • Nathan W. Murphy, of Utah, USA
  • Robert W. Brydon
  • Phyllis Holloway of London, UK
  • Stephen Collins
  • Richard Taylor, UK
  • Helen Ashton of Gloucester, UK; descended from Charles Walter Cumberbatch and a niece of Alice Beatrice Maud C Cumberbatch
  • Sandra Moffatt related to the Moffatts that married a Cumberbatch
  • Lorraine Frost from Dallington, Northamptonshire, England descended from a Cumberpatch. Now Lorraine Hope who has Cumberpatch connections in Dallington, Northampton, England and who has researched a tremendous amount on the Cumberpatchs of Northampton. Looking for Cumberpatchs who moved to New Zealand and Nottingham.
  • Clarissa Atkinson
  • Adam Rudder
  • Helen Mound researching Cumberleges
  • Elizabeth Almarez, mother of Sean Cumberbatch whose father was born in the US Virgin Islands and whose grandfather was born in Barbados
  • Rosario Avial wife of a descendant of Rear Admiral Claude Cumberlege
  • Nick Hough researching the Cumberleges of South Africa
  • Sue Harding researching her 3x Gt Grandmother
  • Robert Hall tracking down Cumberleges
  • Larry Byron Warren became the owner of St Nicholas Abbey, Barbados in early 2006
  • Elaine Davies researching the Salmons who date back to the earliest Comberbachs
  • Des Mills who kindly sent photographs of a Comberbach spoon
  • Meriel Lewis a descendant of Joseph Rylands.
  • Sue and Les Waddell who found a box of letters, artefacts, photos and photo albums in a garage and reunited them with a descendant
  • Anne LaForte Moore of Pennsylvania, USA. Revisited in Oct 2012 to view her family tree online.
  • Jo Mary Stafford of UK
  • Hans Houterman of Netherlands researching Commander Henry Carlton Cumberbatch see his website at: Royal Navy (RN) Officers 1939 - 1945
  • Betty Marshall-Thomas
  • Carol Medford Grandmother was Rosa Cumberbatch
  • Anna Watson Senior Archivist Lancashire Record Office indexing a disputed will - now that's dedication!
  • Dave Chapman looking for Bajan WWII information as on behalf of the Barbados Post Office who are planning a stamp issue commemorating the 90th anniversary of the RAF
  • Paul Kinsey descended from the Comberbachs - nice work!
  • Robert N Forsyth with pictures of envelopes from the Carson Cumberbatch Co in Ceylon
  • Guy Grannum another with Bajan roots hunting his family and a fellow member of The Guild of One-Name Studies. Knowledge Systems Manager at The National Archives at Kew and author of Tracing Your West Indian Ancestors. I have a signed copy of the second edition that I won in a quiz!
  • Ruth Hecht descended from the CAVEs of St Nicholas Abbey now living in Bristol, UK
  • Benjamin S Beck whose partner is descended from a James Mayers Cumberbatch
  • Anne Lawton looking for her Duttons
  • Tony Glover and his brother are writing a book on aircraft incidents over Nottingham in WWI. Interested in Grey Doyle Cumberbatch
  • Christine Ashley whose great grandmother was Martha Cumberbatch
  • Vic Tyler-Jones of Chester who shared some Cumberbatch connections
  • Nigel Watts related to the Townshends of Trevellyn and thanks to the website has discovered some Comberbach connections
  • Jerry Molloy who is related to the Cumberbatchs of Barbados and found the web site! I am thrilled to see the “Pedigree of Cumberbatch of Barbadoes”!!! On our family tree Eliza Cumberbatch Michell is my third-great-grandmother. I had traced the Cumberbatch line back to Abraham Parry Cumberbatch’s parents, Abraham and Mary Cumberbatch. Over the year I have compiled extensive data on the family, which just this year I put on Ancestry, under Molloy Family, and on RootsWeb. Jerry serves at the Latter Day Saints library in Utah. Without the Latter Day Saint filming of Barbados civil and church registers I simply would not have progressed very far at all. See Jerry's website
  • Elaine Corbin looking for Hannanel Cumberbatch in Barbados
  • Brian Joseph whose Grandmother was a Cumberbatch from Trinidad
  • Diane H trying to find the marriage details of Samuel Harrison to Ann Comberbatch
  • Patricia Duff
  • Yves Dupuis from Montreal, Canada looking for Sonny Cumberbatch possibly married to Catherine Holder from St. Philip Barbados
  • Francis Suttill who kindly sent a photograph of a memorial to Lt Cdr Claude Cumberlege and the men who were killed at Sachsenhausen and unveiled there by the British Ambassador in July 2001
  • Chris Ebbs who has been researching lead mining in Flintshire and come across a mining lease that shows James Comberbach, Alderman, had lead mining interests at Eryrys.... In 1736 James Comberbach and Benjamin Perrin 'gentleman' took out a 21 year lease from the Grosvenor family on Pant Du rake (vein). Four years later he pulled out leaving Perrin to work the lease in his own name.
  • Diane White whose grandfather was William S Cumberbatch son of Margaret Ann Cumberbatch. William emigrated to the United States from Barbados in 1907.
  • Deborah Arindell, looking for her great grandmother Rebecca Jane Cumberbatch.
  • Ann Moore looking for Everard Lynch through his friend Lavington Cumberbatch.
  • John Burrows looking for Mrs Cumberbatch from Leamington Spa who played bridge with his mother in the 1930s.
  • A huge thank you to Greg who saw the story about Grey Doyle Cumberbatch on the St Giles School Facebook page and recognised the name as someone his mother talked about whilst he was growing up. He very kindly asked his mother and emailed me the names of Grey's sisters. Greg says: "I used to hear her talk of what I thought was 'grade oil' Cumberbatch all my life and only recently realised what his name really was. When I saw the name mentioned on the St. Giles page, I asked her about him."
  • Ian Court
  • Peter Knight - the great-grandnephew of Marian Dermina Tristram (1862 - 1917) who married Arthur Herbert Cumberbatch (1860 -1921) in 1892 in Constantinople (now Istanbul), i.e. he was one of the extensive Levantine branch of the Cumberbatches. (Arthur's father was Robert Cumberbatch (c 1821 - 1876) who married Louisa Hanson (1831 - 1910) in 1853, again in Constantinople.)Arthur and Marian had six children (Gerald, Thelma, Arthur, Lilian, Melita and Leslie), and he was interested in finding more about them and their descendants
  • Simon Timmis whose grandmother was Olga Cumberbatch, born in Guyana in 1915, Olga's mother was called Beatrice, and her mother was called Laura who traveled to Guyana from Barbados.
  • Debbie Kaye Farrar from Perth, Australia who is descended from Daniel Cumberpatch who emigrated from England to New Zealand in June 1883. He emigrated with his wife Edith nee Kemp and his two sons John Cumberpatch and William Cumberpatch. William had been born just before the journey on the SS Ionic. Looking for more information on her grandfather William Arthur Cumberpatch 1912-1993.
  • Yolanda Cash Jackson looking for Joseph Cumberbatch of the Bahamas and his descendants.
  • Kayla Roberts looking for Joseph Cumberbatch of the Bahamas and his descendants.

    Please drop me an email with your details and I'll add you to the list.

Bob Cumberbatch

Bob Cumberbatch