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  • Content management system: ver 2.5.4. upgraded from 2.5.3, 3 Apr 2012 (Free)

Template: RocketTheme's Maelstrom (£) using Gantry framework (free) - works well with mobile devices including iPad. XHTML 1.0 transitional with progressive CSS3.

Joomla Extensions:

  • RokStories ver 1.5 for Joomla 2.5 (£) - nice!
  • RokPad: XHTML/HTML code content editor (£)
  • RokAjax Search: Joomla! ajax based site-wide search (free); does not search the forum, or the trees
  • RokTabs: ver 1.6 for Joomla 2.5 not yet used (free)
  • RokFeatureTable: ver 1.2 for Joomla 2.5 not yet used (£)
  • JCK Editor: JoomlaCK WYSIWYG content editor (free) - very good!
  • Fancy Bookmarks: sharing with Google+1, Facebook, Twitter etc (£)
    • Fancy Bookmarks plug-in breaks XHTML validation so has been disabled, module has one very minor issue, see below.
  • Simple Image Gallery Pro: for photo galleries (£)
  • Kunena forum (free)
  • Kunena discuss (free)
  • Easy Calc Check Plus: ECC+: for Joomla registration using reCaptcha (free). I was getting so many forum spammers trying to register
  • Module Custom Head Tag: to insert Google+ javascript into <head> section (free)

Family trees

  • The Next Generation (TNG) of Site Building ver 9.0.0 updated 11 Feb 2012. Previous ver 8.1.3, (£)

  • Waiting, and hoping, for the single sign-on module from CMS Genealogy that bridges Joomla user registration and logins to TNG

Useful Tools

  • Firefox with Firebug plug-in

Known & Resolved Issues

  • Cost of sharing:
    • "displayText" attribute is breaking XHTML; could disable Fancy Bookmarks module
    • Google+ badge "g:plus" tag is breaking XHTML validation - Resolved:
      • used HTML5 compliant version without any "data-" attributes, works and passes XHTML validation

Considering using

  • Webtrees but it does not integrate with Joomla (free)
  • Table JX looks promising (£). I need to create a MySQL table for my data. Will not be searchable by my Joomla website, only some of the data will be seens by search engines. Will not be searchable by TNG.
  • Considered using a huge html page for approx. 82,000 records, but the CSV file is 20Mb - ouch!
  • Considered using TNG as a master index of individuals, I'd need to create a GEDCOM of individuals but search results template may not show the results
  • Issues: keeping details of the living out of the table

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