John Henry Cumberpatch 1914 Star with Clasp and Rose

John Henry Cumberpatch 1914 Star with Clasp and Rose died 22 October 1814 aged 16

Henry James Cumberpatch Medals

Henry James Cumberpatch's WW1 Medals - 1914-15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal.

45216 Private Ephraim Cumberbatch

Ephraim Cumberbatch was born in January 1894 in SilverdaleStaffordshire, England and was the son of Ephraim, Senior a Coal Miner, & Eliza Alice his wife. Following his school years he initially followed his father into the Colliery before answering the call of King and Country.

Helen Comberbach 1762-1818

Helen Comberbach was thought to be about 18 years old when this portrait of her was painted. The painting was painted by Ozias Humphry RA 1742-1810. He was a well known portrait painter of the time and an acquaintance of Thomas Gainsborough. He was also the painter of the controversial portrait of Jane Austen.

Read her biography here.

Barbados Second Contingent

The Barbados Second Contingent included 12 young men, six of whom gave their lives, all of whom will be commemorated when The Queen unveils the Bomber Command Memorial on Thursday 28th June 2012 in London, England.

The Barbados Second Contingent were recruited for the RAF and departed Barbados in November 1940 aboard the S.S. Maaskerk. It comprised: C.P. King, J.S. Partridge, A.A. Walrond, J.L.L. Yearwood, M.R. Cuke, E. W. Barrow, G.D. Cumberbatch, A.P.C. Dunlop, H.E.S. Worme, G.A. Barrow, A.O. Weekes, B.F.H. Miller.

Grey Doyle Cumberbatch

Bomber Command Memorial

Sgt Greystone Doyle Cumberbatch, 1383404, is one of the 55,573 young men who gave their lives and will be commemorated when The Queen unveils the Bomber Command Memorial on Thursday 28th June 2012 in London, England.

Benedict Cumberbatch and an Otter

Benedict Cumberbatch & An Otter After the run away success of Otters that look like Benedict Cumberbatch, Karen Bailey found the missing piece of the puzzle, an otter reading the FT.

No FT, No Comment!

No otter was harmed during the making of this...

Motorised Vessel Comberbach

M.V. COMBERBACH 120ft steel hulled cargo freighter with a 260 ton payload intentionally sunk in 1984 off Cape Santa Maria Beach, Bahamas as a diving attraction. She is lying upright, in 100 ft of water having a bus in her forward cargo hold approx. 1 mile off the coast of The Bahamas. Divers can swim through the wreck.
She was ordered in 1947 by ICI (formerly Brunner Mond Co. Ltd). Built in 1948 by W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd., shipbuilders of Northwich, Cheshire, England.

She was registered in 1948 in the Port of Liverpool her 'Official Number' being 182446. 

M.V. represents Motorised Vessel: a 'Part II' registration on The Mercantile Navy List. This picture is reproduced with the kind permission of the Northwich Salt Museum Copyright: Cheshire County Council.

Her name, Comberbach, is a Cheshire place-name.

For ICI she carried 'products for the distribution department, raw materials for the production department and refuse for any department'.

Henry Carlton Cumberbatch & Pauline Ellen Laing Congdon

Commander Henry Carlton Cumberbatch

The biography and service career of Henry Carlton Cumberbatch.

A Cumberbatch trends on Twitter above the Olympic Torch


An early April Fool gag perhaps? I kid you not: The Independent

Here is the original Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch

Many thanks to Karen Bailey for sending this along.

Rear Admiral Claude Lionel Cumberlege

Claude Lionel Cumberlege

Betty Donkin’s Uncle

Love Rose

It must be love!

A story of love for St Valentine's Day

Edward Carleton Cumberbatch gives up £4.4m to marry his love Mary Gertrude Honoria Ashe, the daughter of a musician.

By Bob Cumberbatch


In Memorian Clyde Emmerton CumberbatchDate Of Funeral - Saturday, February 25th, 2012

CUMBERBATCH – Clyde Emmerton of Reece Land, Britton’s Hill, St. Michael entered into rest on February 10, 2012. Companion of Avindale Knight. Father of Andrew, Ann, Judy, Dianna, Glendene and Hyacinth. Grandfather of Sanchia, Toni, William, Rudi and many others. Brother of Marlene Smith, Faynita Williams, Keith Pollard, Leroy Burrowes and Cynthia Inniss (all of the U.S.A.), Maudine Reid (Canada), Elener Niccolls, Marry Cumberbatch and Eugene Bourne. Cousin of Dr. Michael Cumberbatch, Desmond, Lester and Glenroy Cumberbatch. Friend of Delon Asgill and Janelle Patrick. Relative of the Knight family. The funeral leaves Lyndhurst Funeral Home, Passage Road, St. Michael on Saturday, February 25, 2012 for Calvary Pentecostal Church, Vauxhall, Christ Church where relatives and friends are asked to meet at 2:00 p.m. for the service. The cortege will then proceed to Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens, The Ridge, Christ Church for the interment. Flowers may be sent to Lyndhurst Funeral Home no later than 11:30 a.m. on Saturday.