Henry Carlton Cumberbatch & Pauline Ellen Laing Congdon

Commander Henry Carlton Cumberbatch

The biography and service career of Henry Carlton Cumberbatch.

Rear Admiral Claude Lionel Cumberlege

Claude Lionel Cumberlege

Betty Donkin’s Uncle

John Henry Cumberpatch 1914 Star with Clasp and Rose

John Henry Cumberpatch 1914 Star with Clasp and Rose died 22 October 1814 aged 16

Henry James Cumberpatch Medals

Henry James Cumberpatch's WW1 Medals - 1914-15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal.

45216 Private Ephraim Cumberbatch

Ephraim Cumberbatch was born in January 1894 in SilverdaleStaffordshire, England and was the son of Ephraim, Senior a Coal Miner, & Eliza Alice his wife. Following his school years he initially followed his father into the Colliery before answering the call of King and Country.

Cleland Bulstrode Cumberlege 1875-1946 Cleland Bulstrode Cumberlege 1875-1946 was awarded the Distinguished Service Order (DSO) in 1915 for "distinguished service in the field." Cleland was a career soldier and you can read about his career here.
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Barbados Second Contingent Stamp

The Barbados Second Contingent were recruited specifically for the RAF and left Barbados in November 1940 to join the armed forces fighting World War 2.

The 12 men selected included Errol W. Barrow, who would survive the war, enter politics and eventually become Barbados' first Prime Minister (1966 - 1976).

It also included Grey Doyle Cumberbatch born 1921 in St Lucy, Barbados.

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War Graves at St Swithuns

We Will Remember Them

Six World War 2 graves at St Swithun's, Long Bennington, Lincolnshire, England. Immaculately maintained by Mr George Hamblet for many years.

This is especially touching as none of the men were from Long Bennington. Three of the men were from Canada, one from Barbados and two from England. Normally, and at the request of the families, the bodies were transported to the areas where their families lived.

One of the graves belongs to Greystone Doyle Cumberbatch born St Lucy, Barbados in 1921.

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